The Rights of People of Determination

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  • AEB mandates the right ofpeople with special needs to be treated with respect and dignity. Ensuring persons of determination / vulnerable with enhanced customer service and consumer satisfaction.
  • The right to receive services for people with special needs is the same as for ordinary people.
  • AEB ensures to provide all the services within the bounds of persons with special needs abilities and capacities.
  • AEB considers it essential to implement the right to fair and equal treatment without discriminationfor the Vulnerable Consumers
  • We at AEB make sure that all our consumers are treated humanely, considering their condition and their needs.
  • Providing all necessary information and data for the products and services.
  • The right to easy access to all AEB services.
  • The right to be informed and receive the necessary information to wisely choose between products and services, as well as the right to be aware of their basic rights and responsibilities.
  • The right to be heard by providing full contact details / customer complaints department are easily accessible.
  • Information is available in written, verbal and/or digital formats that are suitable to Consumers from vulnerable groups.
  • AEB ensures that some of our branches have points of services which can be used to accommodate the needs of vulnerable Consumers. The Consumers can avail a knowledge on the list of branches that have such a provision

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