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  • Always give full and accurate information when you are filling in any documents. Do not give false details or leave out important information.
  • You should make sure to have access to details of your obligations and that you understand them and that you ought to comply with them.
  • It is important that you ask questions to our employees about anything that is unclear or anyclause that you are unsure about. Our staff will answer all your questions in a professional manner to aid your vital decision making.
  • Make sure to review all your documents before signing them to ensure no errors are made. Your signature will be considered for approval and agreement of the document content.
  • Kindly do not use the product and services, expect in accordance with the terms and conditions associated with them, and after making sure of your complete understanding.
  • You will have a responsibility to comply with the terms and conditions of the chosen product.
  • Do not use the product and services where you feel that the risks do not suit your financial situation. Sometimes financial products and services carry risks, and you should insist that this is clearly explained to you.
  • Refrain from providing any sensitive personal or financial information to any unauthorized person.
  • You should update your personal information, including contact information, so that it is updated continuously and when so requested by the AEB. You will be responsible for failing to provide all relevant information to the AEB. You will have a responsibility to provide truthful and timely information.
  • Provide your ownemail address when giving contact details to AEB. Do not use other friend’s or relative’s email address which can expose your financial information to others and may impart information leakage.
  • AEB will provide you with a copy of the signed agreements and other relevant documents. Make sure to keep all the documents that have been provided to you by the AEB in a safe place.

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