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  1. Currency once bought or sold can be returned only at the prevailing market rate.
  2. Please count your money before leaving the counter and obtain a receipt for your transaction. Neither Ahalia Exchange nor its employees will be held liable for any claims or shortages thereafter. Ahalia Exchange has the right to recover any amount paid in excess to the customer due to errors and oversights.


  1. Refund against cancellation of Telegraphic Transfer, Drafts or any other payment order returned or unpaid for any reason will be refunded to sender at the prevailing market buying rate or transaction rate whichever is lower, excluding the sending charges, any deductions from the beneficiary bank or agent , cancellation fees and any other expenses incurred as a result.
  2. Sender has to surrender the original receipt to the branch in order to initiate the cancellation procedure. In case the sender is a corporate, refund or amendments can be conducted through the authorized representative and will not be refunded in cash under any circumstances. The refund will be made through a branch by a cheque favoring the corporate sender. Ahalia Exchange is not liable for any delay caused further to a cancellation or refund request.
  3. Charges and conversion rates that will be applied for amendments or reissuance of money transfer services.
  4. Correspondent/Intermediary charges are applicable to some countries and will be deducted at paying end.
  5. Customers can lodge complaint / grievance within 30 days from the date of transaction at any branches or customer service center.
  6. I/We hereby confirm that the beneficiary’s account details provided and printed overleaf are correct and that Ahalia Exchange will not be held responsible for any wrong credits, returns or delay in credit due to wrong details provided by me/us.
  7. The rates displayed on our website or branches are indicative only and are subject to change according to market fluctuations.
  8. I/We hereby declare that the source of funds for this transaction are from legitimate source and are not linked with any form of Money Laundering activities or the financing or support of terrorism activities directly or indirectly.
  9. Remittance against cheque will be affected only after realization of cheque. The issuance of a receipt (TT) neither confirms nor guarantees that the amount would be credited to the beneficiary account or received by the beneficiary.
  10. Remittance will be subject to the Anti-Money Laundering policies/laws of UAE/Intermediary/Designated countries. Ahalia Exchange reserves the right to hold the transaction and request for additional information for execution of transactions which fall under review of AML Dept.
  11. I/We undertake to provide necessary information/documents relating to current and/or historical transactions as and when requested by Ahalia Exchange.
  12. Ahalia Exchange will not be held responsible for any financial and/or reputation loss if any transaction is scrutinize/frozen/blocked for need of additional documents or if found suspicious by any local authority, banks or correspondent bank.
  13. AEB will not disclose confidential information about the customer to any third party unless it is required to do so by any applicable law or regulation within  and outside the region.
  14. AEB shall assume the responsibility of protecting consumers data and maintain the confidentiality of the data held with it or with a third party and disclose the data only to approve,facilitate, administer and process applications/transactions or to respond to the queries of the relevant law enforcing authorities inside and outside the country. In case of any breach of data, customers will be informed through our official channels.
  15. In case of any conflict of interest that arises due to technical glitches or reasons beyond control, AEB will make reasonable efforts to resolve the concern or may update the customer with relevant actions to avoid such scenarios.

I have read and accepted all terms and conditions for Ahalia Exchange. For further inquiries please visit our website (www.ahaliaexchange.com) or call: 600546645 or email us at customerservice@ahaliaexchange.com

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