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The Central bank of UAE announced, “Consumer Protection Regulation” (Circular No. 8/2020) which is the foundation of its new Financial Consumer Protection Regulatory Framework.

As an Exchange licensed by the Central Bank of UAE, we aim to comply with the requisites of the regulation thus ensuring high end protection to our valuable customer such as:

  • Al Ahalia Money Exchange(AEB) will deal fairly and honestly with you at all stages of our association.
  • We provide special attention to the needs of vulnerable persons and groups.
  • AEB will provide up to date information about products and services to you.
  • The available information will be clear, simple to understand, will not be misleading nor shall include any potential risks for you.
  • The rights and responsibilities of either party, including the mechanism for either party to end the financial relationship, as well as details of fees, pricing, and any potential penalties that you may incurwill be discussed before or in due process as we engage in the relationship.
  • AEB constantly monitors and updates controls with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness to reduce fraud, embezzlement, or misuse.
  • AEB will develop appropriate mechanisms to help our existing and future customers to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to appropriately understand risks, including financial risks and opportunities, making informed choices, know where to go for assistances when they need it.
  • AEB assures you that we are primarily responsible for the protection of your financial interests of you as our valued customer.
  • AEB is aware that you as our customer have the full right to search, compare and where appropriate, switch between products, services,and providers easily and clearly at a reasonable cost.
  • AEB assures you that your financial and personal information will remain protected through appropriate control and protection mechanisms.
  • AEB shall not disclose confidential information of customers to any third party unless it is required to do so by any applicable law or regulation within and outside the UAE.