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Ahalia Exchange in compliance with the Central Bank of UAE and other applicable international organizations has designed a sophisticated system to combat money laundering activities and to identify such suspicious transactions. The directives issued by the above said organizations from time to time are updated and implemented throughout the entire  organization and periodical checks are made, concerning each and every transaction routed through us, as to whether the same is being adhered to or not. Being committed to the highest level of transparency in transactions, we have developed a sophisticated automatic system to monitor all the transactions for any suspected money laundering activities. The objective of this policy is to ensure that transactions routed through Ahalia Exchange never becomes a cause for disguised criminal activities or are routes of organized crime.

Ahalia Exchange strives its best efforts in designing and implementing the internal policies and continuous staff training so that the flow of funds through this organization do not culminate in financing any harmful activities which impose severe threat to the humanity as a whole. This ensures that Ahalia Exchange is your ideal choice for safe and secure transactions.

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